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Aunt Abigail's Photo Album is copyright software. All rights are reserved by Aunt Abigail Software. If you download it, you are granted a license to install and use it on any number of computers. You are also granted a license to share it freely with anyone, provided that you share the complete installer as you received it with no changes. You are not licensed to reverse engineer or change this software in any way, or for any reason. By downloading the installer, you accept these license terms.

The free version of Aunt Abigail's Photo Album will work on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. Earlier versions of Windows are not supported. To get it, you download an installer program, named FreeAASetup.exe. Once this program is on your hard drive, you must run it, and it will install Aunt Abigail on your computer. To download the installer, click the button below.